About Jaq Trust


Over the years, the JAQ Trust has partnered with a range of organizations including educational institutions, to provide a better school experience for the PKSS students. Volunteer activities are an important part of any philanthropy-based organization and these include:

Teacher capacity building
Developments In Literacy (DIL)
Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) Pvt Ltd

Volunteer-based activities
The Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences (ICAS)
Telenor CSR department
Mobilink CSR
Khaldunia High School
Green Volunteers

Art activities
Funkor ChildArt Centre
Gogi Studios
Lettuce Bee Kids

Environment-related activities
Margallah Hills Society
Zimmedar Shehri
Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC)

Health screening
Al-Khidmat Foundation
Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services(CDRS)
Integrated Health Services

Other Support
Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi (ITA)
Thali – An Effort

Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP)

Helping hands

Our Niche
We also have a network of individuals who have become firm friends of PKSS, whose energy and enthusiasm we acknowledge with gratitude.

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