The Schools

PKSS Impact

One of the indicators for PKSS’ success is the number of students who continue schooling even on leaving our system. This number is increasing each year. About 93% Class 5 students who pass the final exams go on to formal secondary schools. In addition, many students enroll into the formal school system even before completing class 5, often after spending a few years at PKSS. Thus PKSS often serves as a useful ‘bridge’ helping children from these marginalized communities get access to the formal school system. In cases where students leave the PK communities to return to their villages, PKS staff makes a concerted effort to motivate their parents to enroll them in local schools to continue their education. There is special emphasis on continuing girls’ education.

Number of PK schools operating 8
Total Student Enrolment 2500+
Proportion of girls 42%
Student:Teacher Ratio 30:1
Average Student Attendance 80%

Between 2014 and 2015
  • 41 PKS students passed the Class 5 board exam, including 12 girls conducted by the Government`s Federal Directorate of education. 40 students obtained admission into formal schools and are continuing their education in class 6
  • 89% of the students passed the annual examination, and were promoted to the next class reflecting a 13% increase over last year`s results
  • An additional 364 PK students from lower classes also joined the formal school system including 162 (44%) girls during the year

Apart from these skills, PKSS has been making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children by helping improve their outlook, bearing and self-esteem.

Looking Ahead

PKSS operations obviously need to be scaled up for greater impact. The Trust is exploring various avenues and partnerships to achieve this. Meanwhile, our efforts continue to deepen quality and strengthen infrastructure to ensure that our schools are effectively imparting functional literacy, numeracy and logical thinking skills to all our students, in addition to building awareness of basic ethical values and personal hygiene. The Trust also plans to expand the training piloted in recent years to improve livelihood skills among older students, PKS alumni and community women, as more resources become available.

Changing Attitudes

Our Communities
In an impact assessment conducted in 2008, 80% parents noted a positive behavioural change in their children and a greater appreciation for cleanliness and hygiene.