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The Pehli Kiran School System is run by a dedicated team of 3 Coordinators and 28 teachers. Most teachers work in both morning and afternoon shifts at different schools. The staff is offered opportunities for continuing education as well as professional development in terms of training and capacity building.

Coordinators’ Committee

Academic Coordinator – Muhammad Ishtiaq
The Academic Coordinator is responsible for all academic activities, including regular monitoring of teachers; staff development and mentoring; and supervision of academic affairs like testing and teacher recruitment.

Administrative Coordinator – Malik Munawar
The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for providing the administrative support needed for trouble free operations of the schools, including infrastructure provision, budgets, logistics, extra-curricular activities and community engagement.

Communication Specialist – Madeeha Ansari
The Communication Specialist is responsible for internal communication and coordination, as well as partnerships, outreach and the design and implementation of volunteer activities.


PK-2 (morning shift)
Head Teacher: Farzana Kausar
Staff: Irshad Kausar, Saleem Akhtar, Maria Tabassum, Sana Younas
Teacher aid: Maria Bibi

PK-3 (afternoon shift)
Head Teacher: Nusrat Shaheen
Staff: Kulsoom Bibi, Tehmeena Anjum, Sana Younas

PK-4 (morning shift)
Head Teacher: Farzana Bibi
Staff: Nusrat Shaheen, Farzana Bibi, Mobeena Anjum, Aamir Shehzad

PK-5 (double shift)
Head Teacher: Yasmeen
Staff: Mehvish Sabir, Tehmeena Anjum, Samreen Maqsood, Aamir Shehzad

PK-8 (double shift)
Head Teacher: Ghazanfar Ali
Staff: Bushra Younas, Rehana Kausar, Musarrat Shaheen
Teacher aid: Bilawal Khan

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Our Team

The higher up, the lower down

Our Team
The Trust is structured like an inverted pyramid:

The highest priority are the students and the communities
Served by
The Teachers
together with
Head Teachers
Supported by
The Coordinators
Backed by
The Board of Trustees