About Jaq Trust


The Trust raises the bulk of its operating revenue through contributions from Trustees and individual donations from friends and well-wishers. The first few years of PKSS operations were funded entirely by Trustees’ own contributions. As word about PKSS spread, family, friends and well-wishers began contributing donations, which enabled a gradual expansion of the school system. In the year 2000, a significant donation was received from the late Mr. Jamshed Akhtar Qureshi, which helped establish an endowment for the Trust. More recently the Trust has also started receiving need-based funding from the Corporate Social Responsibility departments of private sector companies.

In addition to financial support, the Trust has also benefited by donations in kind, e.g. infrastructure-related materials, text-books, stationery, mobile telephones, tablets, uniforms and nutrition supplements for the children. Development organizations have partnered to provide technical training, academic inputs or initiatives like student health screenings.

Up to 2010, the schools were providing essentially free primary education to these communities. However, we have now introduced a nominal fee ranging from Rs. 40 – Rs.120 per student per month, to help confirm demand for the services; to encourage a sense of self-help within our communities; and to mobilize resources to meet minor school expenditures. Books and stationery are provided free of cost. Nutrition supplements are provided to the children on a regular basis. When resources permit, the Trust also provides free uniforms to students once a year, which includes a set of clothing, a pair of shoes, socks and a school bag.


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Trust accounts are audited annually by an independent chartered accountant firm

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