The Schools

Co-curricular Activities

School is about so much more than books. At PKSS, we want to ensure that the children have the space to discover individual talents and build their confidence as individuals. In addition, we focus on developing a sense of social responsibility among students - civic values, good citizenship and environmental awareness, all are woven into the school experience through different thematic events.

As far as visual and performing arts are concerned, a range of co-curricular activities are organized on a regular basis for children to express themselves. Sports are encouraged for everyone – both girls and boys love to play cricket.

Volunteers play an important role in facilitating and supporting many of our co-curricular activities, particularly student volunteers from private schools and organization supporting arts in Islamabad. In the past, we have had special events for mural-making, declamation contests and student performances. Our volunteer base is continually expanding, with many new recruits gaining constant updates through our Facebook page.

Adding Colour

Our Communities
Click here for pictures of our recent fun events and volunteer-based activities, including:
  • The Hamara School Scheme
  • Field trips and exposure visits
  • Sitaron se Agay Jahan, celebrating a decade of the Pehli Kiran School System