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Academic Affairs

Teaching at the PKSS is based on the government curriculum to facilitate entry into the mainstream school system after grade 5. However, PKSS also makes an effort to include supplementary teaching material that supports more broad-based child development. Recently, there has been a major effort to build the capacity of the teachers and shift away from the system of rote-learning, towards literacy, numeracy and interactive, inquiry-based learning. There is a special focus on Early Childhood Education, to build a solid foundation for better learning.

This is facilitated through a Technical Committee, comprised of a group of education sector experts who volunteer their time on a regular basis.

A range of support mechanisms are in place for academic affairs.

  • Weekly Saturday Sessions include dedicated time for lesson-planning, along with training sessions by volunteer experts to strengthen teachers’ capacity in the core subjects.

  • In order to boost reading skills, a phonics program has been established for implementation throughout the system.

  • An Academic Committee has been formed by experienced teachers to support the role of the Academic Coordinator, with subject specialists in charge of curricula.

At PKSS, we are constantly working to ensure high-quality teaching and learning outcomes for the students, and to provide an education that will be relevant and meaningful in their lives.

Academic Affairs

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Children from the PKSS have done exceptionally well in formal government schools. Read about our proud students and alumni here.